Studying Web Design

Web design is undoubtedly getting much easier these days with software programs, but there is still a need for professional designers. Undoubtedly, this blog will guide readers on how to study web design with a view to it becoming a lucrative and enjoyable career. Exciting articles will discuss whether a formal qualification is required and where to acquire it. Colleges may offer courses in the use of tools such as Dreamweaver. Visitors will learn the importance of keeping up with the latest trends in web design, how to prepare a plan for the website and why multimedia features are essential.

The Importance of Multimedia in Web Design

22 Mar 2022

To retain visitors' attention, websites should not just have great content but also lots of visual and multimedia elements. The use of unique images, captivating videos, and valuable infographics is highly recommended. Audio can also be used but can slow down the loading speed of a website.

The Latest Trends in Web Design

15 Feb 2022

Web design is continually evolving with advances in technology. Designers will need to ensure that they keep up with all the latest trends and be prepared to revamp older sites. They will also need to keep up with Google's algorithms to know what user experience is necessary for high rankings.

Is Dreamweaver Still Relevant Today?

9 Jan 2022

Dreamweaver used to be the tool of choice for web designers, but is it still relevant today? Most people see it as outdated and prefer to use WordPress, which can be customized in infinite ways. In addition, WordPress is an open-source platform and is used by many top businesses.

Does a Web Designer Need a Qualification?

2 Dec 2021

If you are actually thinking of a career in web design, you may be wondering if you need a qualification. This really depends on whether you are hoping to work in-house for an employer or would prefer to be freelance. Clients tend to ask for portfolios rather than qualifications.